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Morning Bird Starter Pack - everything your new birds will need to make a safe transition to their new home! Includes: Calcium Plus Powder1oz, Hearty Bird 1oz, Feather Fast 1oz, Miracle Meal 5oz., Vitalize 1oz, S76 30ml, FREE LadyG Resting Season Seed Mix 1lb
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Morning Bird Breeder Kit: - Calcium Plus Powder (1oz), Nesting Material (3oz), Leg Bands (10bands, same color) Miracle Meal Soft Food (5oz), Plastic Nest Box (inside or outside hang), Breeders Blend (1oz), Breeder Record Cards and Holder, and FREE LadyG Breeding Season Blend (1 lb.)
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NEW! Wellness Pak - Includes: Amoxycillin (250mg) 20 caps, Enrofloxyn 25ml, Doxyvet 50ml, Starbucks Syrup 12.2oz, Syringe 3ml Save $16.63!
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Hand Rearing Kit - includes: FREE Syringe, Nutri-Start baby formula (11oz.), Hand Feeding & Raising Finches book
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Quarantine Kit - "If a bird looks healthy, it is healthy?" This is simply not true. The fact is a seemingly healthy bird can carry any number of pathogens that can wipe out your entire flock! The kit contains all the products that I have used for years when introducing a new bird into my flock. Amoxitex (1oz) S76 (30ml), Vitalize (1oz), Ronex 12% (1oz), Worm Away (2oz), Avian Insect Liquidator (100ml), Probiotics (1oz). The kit also includes my quarantine article with my step by step procedures to insure a safe quarantine of your new birds.
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Air Sac Mite Treatment Kits - Great Savings on everything you need to treat for the air sac mite! Kit A includes S76 30ml, Amoxitex 1oz., Avian Insect Liquidator 100ml concentrate Kit B includes SCATT 50ml, Amoxitex 1oz., Avian Insect Liquidator 100ml concentrate Deluxe Kit C and D includes Ceramic Infrared Heat Lamp 60 watt and Dome 5.5"
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Measuring Kit - All the measurements you need are right at your fingertips. Easily Convert American to Metric. Kit includes: Plastic Spray Bottle 16oz, Measuring Spoon Set of 4, Syringe Test Pak of 9, Measuring Pitcher 16oz with measurments and Deluxe Bottle Brush.
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