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Cage Accessories: Lighting and Heating

Healthy Lighting! FeatherBrite – brings the sun indoors just like nature. The efficiency, economy, and radiance of a fluorescent light, FeatherBrite full spectrum compact spiral bulb, blends flawlessly with natural light and lasts (8,000 hours) about 8 times longer than a regular light bulb. 1 year warranty.
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"Night Fright" FeatherBrite's LED Moonlight Bulb – helps relieve the stress of night for those birds who experience “night fright”. The bulb gives off a soft blue light that is very calming. Operates using only .06 watts of electricity. Fits all FeatherBrite lamps, or any standard lamp socket with adapter. 1 year warranty.
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Full Spectrum Universal Cage Top Day/Night Lights – fits every style cage. Comes with two bulbs. When full spectrum day light goes off, a pale blue moonlight comes on. Perfect for birds that experience "Night Fright". 13" diameter x 11" high.
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Full Spectrum Capital Swag Light – Great way to provide healthy full spectrum lighting where your pet bird spends the most time. Comes in Silver, 9” diameter, with 12 ft chain. Includes free 15 watt Full Spectrum bulb.
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Thermo-Perch - Maintains the optimal bird body temperature varying between 102º-107ºF along its length, allowing the bird to pick the spot that will provide the warmth it needs when it needs it! This consistent source of warmth stabilizes the bird's environment and contributes to the bird's overall health and helps reduce avian stress.
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Heat Emitter - ceramic Infrared therapeutic heat perfect for your birds on cold nights or when they are not feeling well.
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Reflector Dome - designed for safe use with ceramic infrared heat emitter. Attaches easily to any cage. Mounting hardware included.
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