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"The Thermo-Perch solves the problem of providing consistent warmth for exotic birds in their cages. This is a product long overdue".
Weldon Middlebrooks,
Parrot trainer & entertainer (

"My female has just discovered after about a week or so that I had installed "radiant heated floors" in my flight (heated perch). She is visibly delighted. I misted her and she sat still for that and then hopped onto the heated perch to preen. She just loves it. The male follows at a discreet distant and lands on a regular perch so doesn't know yet what is so special about that perch though I saw him sitting near it and paying attention so he can probably feel the heat off of it.

I think this is my favorite purchase from after the two chamber, camouflaged gouldian nest box. I bought a second one after I read the story of how your neighbor makes them.

Nice quality products. Everyone in a cool area like I am in Vermont should have a heated perch I feel. I have two infra-red heat lamps to use as night lights and extra heat at night and have acclimated the birds to our house temperature since the flight is open to the room comfort if they want it. Just gives a little spot of heat for those little feet."
Thank you, Karen

Perfect for your birds on
cold nights or when
they are not feeling well.

The infrared heat emitter provides therapeutic heat that replicates the warmth of the sun! Attaches easily to any cage!

Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter
Available in: 60, 100 and 150 Watts

The ceramic infrared non-light heat emitter is a heat source for all types of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plant terrariums. The Zoo Med Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter can increase the inside air temperature a full 10 to 20 degrees (F) above the outside room temperature. This is especially important when the bird is not feeling well and needs to hold in body heat e.g. egg bound, airsac mite treatment, emergency situations. More importantly, the infrared heat given off by the emitter will warm the bird more efficiently than any other type of heating device. Heat emitters give off intense infrared heat, penetrating into the bird’s muscles, but emit no light--the perfect 24 hour heat source.

Zilla Premium Reflector DOME for Light & Heat

  • Designed for safe use with light and heat bulbs
  • Ceramic sockets stand up under high heat
  • Durable, long-lasting powder coated finish
  • Ready to use…mounting hardware included

Available two sizes:
5.5" Reflector Dome (14 cm) Max 60 watts.
8.5" Reflector Dome (21.5cm) Max 150 watts.

Heat Emitter - ceramic Infrared therapeutic heat perfect for your birds on cold nights or when they are not feeling well.
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Reflector Dome - designed for safe use with ceramic infrared heat emitter. Attaches easily to any cage. Mounting hardware included.
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