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Bogena Intensief
Bogena Intensief red colorant is a water-soluble powder, which promotes red color in feathers. Bogena contains natural vegetable colorants, provitamin A, which turns into vitamin A in the body, vitamin B2, C, and carotene pigment.

Manufacture dosing instructions:
Bogena Intensief may be added to the drinking water by dissolving 10g in 1 liter (quart) of warm water (1g = ¼ teaspoon).

Bogena Intensief may be added to egg/soft food. As a general rule the manufacturer suggest a mixture of 10g of Intensief with 1kg ( ) of egg/soft food. Give fresh twice a day, during the molt and during breeding. Results will only be obtained by feeding Intensief during the molting season, starting at least one week before the molt.

Bogena Intensief Red Colorant
Available in: 50g, 100g, 200g & 500g

Special Instructions:
Since all birds have differing absorption rates, the canary breeders that I have spoken with tell me that you should not see any red coloring in the droppings of your birds. If you do, then you will need to decrease the amount of powder to water ratio, until the red color disappears from the droppings.

*Note: A Canthophyll food dye, containing 10% Canthophyllis and canthaxanthadine is potentially liver toxic to birds and must always be used in accordance with dosages calculated by experienced canary breeders.

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