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we'd love to brag about our gouldians,
but our customers do a much better job.

"...Because I am an engineer, I thought it might be interesting to test avian supplements using a technique known as a GC/MS - Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer. This device can be used to isolate any and all known compounds in a substance. One of the more common uses of Gas Spectroscopy is to help patients in the emergency room, that appear to be suffering a chemical toxicity. Although I will not state which brands were evaluated, the only one that truly contained the listed ingredients in the quantities specified were the ones developed by Dr. Marshall.

Dr Marshall's Ioford and Dufoplus products contained exactly what was indicated Ė in the proper proportions. From an engineer's standpoint, a GC/MS -Spectrometer/Chromatograph is THE defining method by which supplements need to be evaluated. I was surprised that the other products failed the test and relieved to learn that at least one, Dr. Marshal, truly was putting his money where his mouth was. I have the proof to support it!

The changes in overall health and feather in my Gouldians were nothing short of remarkable. I would urge anyone who may have had less than positive experience with avian supplements to try again - this time with a quality product. I am so pleased to learn that there is one more person in the world (Dr Marshall) who values his integrity and has furthered the study of proper nutrition in caged birds."

Read Mark's experience with avian supplements.

Mark Heron- Florida

I purchased Midnight from a bird sanctuary, which takes in birds that need homes. He was the only finch there, and I felt sorry for him. When we got him, he had no feathers around his eyes. After we brought him home, his condition worsened, and he started losing feathers on the back of his head. I knew nothing about Gouldian Finches...I just saw this little bird among all of the large birds; and he looked sad.

The first owners had him with a female, and their cat killed her. They brought him to the bird sanctuary because they didn't want to take the chance of their cat getting him too. I think the loss of his mate and being taken to the sanctuary stressed him out.

I gave Midnight Hearty Bird, Calcium Plus and Liquid Iodine in his drinking water. I also fed him Miracle Meal and Herb Salad™. Midnight could not get enough of the Miracle Meal when I placed it in his dish. I feel this is what really made the difference in his recovery.

Look at him now! He is so beautiful and I think he is happy. His new mate is Lilly. We purchased her from a pet store the same day we got Midnight. She too is molting and her colors look so much better than when we got her.

Yesterday, Midnight was hopping up and down and singing. He has never done this before.

Thanks again for all of your help and for helping me through a very difficult time.

Renee Miranda

"...Thank you so much for all your help. Our babies are now weaning very well and we are happy with their progress. You truely inspire us to meet our challenges that come with our birds."
Donna Kallio-Medway, Massachusetts

"...I do so much appreciate your honesty. I wish everyone that does business on the web were of your caliber."
Helen Stevenson-WV

"...I've been using Dr. Marshalls products for about 4 weeks now, and the difference in the behavior and appearence of my finches is nothing less than remarkable! I was given a "scruffy looking" balding male as one of my first birds, and your should see him now! He's the most handsome of the bunch." Thanks again,
Edith Wilson - Anchorage Alaska

"...I found this bedraggled little white breasted male in a store. He was awful looking. He had virtually no tail feathers, nails spiraled around nearly twice, missing a toe and appeared to be stuck in molt. Not sure if it was his juvie molt, but I think so as some of his gray feathers were visible. I only assumed it was a prolonged molt because his nails were sooooo long yet his feather quality was terrible.

So...I brought him home, partly because of how bad he looked and partly because there are NEVER any white breasted birds in my area.

I started him on Dr. Marshall's program and his "after" pic is 6 weeks later. Now, he has the longest perfect tailshaft wires, solid coloring and is such a handsome bird compared to how he looked when I got him. He sings nonstop and is really the cock of the walk now."

For me, Dr. Marshall's is definitely something I swear by.
Nikki Cunningham Ė TX

"... I just wanted to get back to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I ordered the medication for my finch who had air sac mites, I really needed a miracle. I had already tried other medications I had purchased locally but she continued to cough and cough.

But after visiting your website, I figured...what do I have to lose. After the mail delivered the S76 on a Wednesday we applied it right away to both finch. For two more days she continued coughing. On the third day she stopped coughing and stopped breathing through her mouth and started flying laps around the cage.

We have continued the medication like the directions on the bottle. Both birds are very active and I am sure it is all due to the medication from your website. Thank you for your caring personality. Your website will now be my first stop for finch health supplies."
Linda Boas - Pensacola, FL

" many individuals do you know that would call long distance from Georgia to Vermont because the shipper was concerned that the receiver was concerned about the cost of shipping a ten dollar & change product that I felt was a bit steep. I can only think of one (YOU). So thanks again for being so nice!"
Ray Galipo - Vermonter

" Yes, the news is indeed fantastic, and I can only imagine if you know how very happy I am. What turned them around?? What a question Laraine! From the day I began administering the Scatt, I began to see improvement. The male had been desperately ill, hacking and coughing loudly, and yawning widely every few minutes after each cough in what looked like an effort to dislodge something in his throat. It was very distressing to watch, and by the time I received the Scatt, I doubted whether it, or anything, could save him.

Well, what a rapid and delightful improvement he underwent, and what truly amazed me was that the change began within only a couple of hours. I was sure I was imagining it, but by the next day there was no longer any room for doubt. He was a very different little bird altogether. His sprightliness and perky personality were back, and he seemed to hop around the cage for the sheer joy of it. The coughing and yawning hung around for about a week, but faded with each day, and, after what I consider "a near death experience", he had completely recovered from the airsac mites within 9 or 10 days.

As one might have expected, however, my beautiful little female, Minnie, now became ill with the mites, although I had treated both of them. I do remember, however, that while trying to administer the drop on the back of the neck, she wriggled in my hand and it seemed at the time that she might not have gotten much of the drop at all. I just couldn't tell. I reasoned, hopefully, though, that she had never ever been sick before and would probably be alright.

Bad mistake!! Now, while Maxie was back to very fine form, his partner was showing poor signs; you know them all to well; the fluffed feathers, head constantly tucked under the wing, sheepish, drab behavior, and worst of all, the increasingly prominent breastbone and clicking sound in her breathing.

As you instructed, therefore, I administered another drop Scatt to each bird, making sure of Minnie this time, and a day or two later your package arrived containing all of the lifesaving products.

I have to admit that the compulsion to administer the whole lot to them immediately was powerful, but I followed your advice to the letter and have achieved truly spectacular results. I am in total awe of these products, and will never be without them again. Thanks too, for your unerring advice and commitment toward my two little pets. Without your help, concern, and obvious wide experience in their care and nutrition, I have no doubt that Minnie and Maxie would have died. Instead, my little aviary is a place of brightness and happiness, and I now have high hopes that 2003 will even bless me with a few babies.

On behalf of Minnie, Maxie, and myself, much gratitude and thanks to you. But, to quote Winston Churchill, "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. I do hope, however, that it is the end of the beginning!"

"I have now used the Birdcare Co. products for 4 years and in that time have reared over 300 young Yorkshire canaries to maturity. Based on my previous feeding methods, I would have achieved around 120-150 over the same period. This year have been another Ďpoor year' for many canary breeders, but I have reared 80 young birds, ending the season one month earlier than normal."
Brian Keenan International Canary Judge

"I received your products about a month ago. And I see a big difference in the coat of our Citron cockatoo. He had been abused before we got him and his feathers were terribly picked. We've had him for almost a year and although we have corrected his diet and improved his emotional environment, we saw little improvement in his feather growth. Since using your products, we have seen more growth as well as a silkier feel to his feathers. He just looks less rumpled, more smooth. Thanks for your help."
Marsha Drabik - Ockalawaha, FL

"I had a bird that could not open his right eye. I didn't know what to do for him. I purchased your Collidial Silver for any emergency situations since I live in an area without a veterinarian. I placed the Collidial Silver into a small mister bottle and sprayed his eye quite liberally. Within two hours he opened his eye. I continued to spray the Silver on the eye once a day for three more days. His eye is perfect! Thank you so much for caring products that I can help my birds in an emergency situation."

Peggy Schuster- CA.

"Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated the Natureís Jewels poster for our clubís raffle table. It was a much sought after item, clearly having the most raffle tickets placed in its ďcan.Ē Your kind and generous spirit is a real encouragement to all of us. I have given your website address to a number of people. I do hope that it will generate more interest in gouldians. It is so good to see someone put that much work into his or her passion for birds. The poster encouraged our finch owners, and created an interest in finches with some others. Again, thank you for this fine gift. Blessings on you! "
Rich Long, Vice president, Imperial Bird Club, Polk County, Fl.

"I followed your suggestion and have been taking the seed out of the cage and only letting them have soft foods with the vitamins in the morning and they are eating everythingÖyeah! Next I will sprout some millet and sprinkle with Super Max. Thanks for the help. Iíve been roaming around on the site and am getting lots of great information. It sure is a wonderful site. Lots of hard work and heart have gone into it."
Laurie Lyon-Ca.

"ÖI love my birds! They are absolutely beautiful! I must admit I was really concerned about sending money to someone so far away for birds I would not be able to pick out myself. I had read how hard it was to keep Gouldians. Youíre web site is wonderful! The fact that you are so willing to share information made my decision to buy birds from you much easier. Buying my birds from was the best decision I could have made. Thank you for all the quick e-mail responses, advice and most importantly the beautiful birds! I am really looking forward to doing business with you again. "
Kathy Stokosa - Bozeman, MT

"I am sure I am not the only one whose jaw drops when they see your photos! Since you were a photographer for a long time, I guess they ARE professionally done. But I bet most people think you have farmed out the work to someone else and donít even realize that they are your photos. Thanks for taking the effort to put together such a magnificent web site Ė its always a pleasure to go there and see whatís up."
Christine Kumar Ė Elkins Park,Pa.

"Thank you, your site is wonderful. Iím very impressed considering that I run on of the largest companies on the internet. Who ever designed your web site and does the upkeep should be given a ďhats offĒ - very, very impressive!!!"
Gary H Voth - Indiana

"I have looked around countless places and emailed over 20 different people to find Gouldian finches, but for some reason I donít feel comfortable buying from them, so thatís why Iím coming to you. Even though the wait time is fairly long, I feel like you have the best birds and expertise anywhere! Thank you for all your help!"

"You are a special and motivating lady! Iím glad I met you, so to speak (via email) Thank you for all your help. I admire how committed your are to your products because you believe in them, and your devotion to the health and quality of life for your birds"

"..I am truly in awe of your web site and the knowledge you share with others. Most breeders are so closed mouth about the care and breeding of their birds. I have heard so many comments on people asking me if I have seen your birds in person or visited your website. Now I have done so. I have a few Gouldian problems (balding) and just recently air sac mite breakout. Even with the best diet and additional supplements, I knew something was lacking but just couldnít find it. I am so excited. I canít wait to get my supplies. Thank you Laraine for caring about every bird and for sharing your knowledge to help people take care of their birds properly."

"..I am a new bird owner, and I discovered very quickly that Finch products are not that easy to come by. If you went solely on the stock of most pet shops /supply stores, it would seem that the only type of birds that people keep as pets were Parrots or Parakeets! I do have several catalogs that carry Finch supplies, but the items that you carry are things Iíve read about in my Finch books, but have never been able to find in either pet supply stores or bird catalogs. For that I am very grateful."
Diane M. Laurent- Ellenwood, Ga.

"This is to thank you for the valuable information that your site has. Great work. Keep it up."
Dr. Sandeep S. Sanzgirl- Goa, India

"...your dedication, knowledge, and experience is invaluable to those of us who are still in the learning curve. I hate to think where my lovely little birds would be if I hadnít ever found your web-site. Your willingness to help in a crisis such as mine speaks volumes to me. Itís obvious that you care enough about the birds, even if they, are not yours, to pull out all the stops to try and save them. Researching various products, making them easily available, and educating others about those products is priceless information. Even though I feel like IĎve probably worried the hair off your head with my panic phone calls, you have always been patient and kind, and I canít ever thank you enough!"
J. Auman,NC

"... You definitely sold me my moneyís worth. These are some of the biggest, healthiest and vibrantly colored gouldians I have ever seen! And Iíve seen quite a few. Thank You. It is a pleasure to do business with someone who is honest and delivers what they say they will. As Iím sure youíre aware, there are a lot of people out there who misrepresent themselves and the birds they are selling. I will definitely want to do business with you in the future"
S. Lewis, El Paso, Texas

"Love your website,
I applaud you for your concern for and involvement with our children and the internet. Thank you for a safe place for my child to turn to and for sparking his imagination with these most wonderful of birds. We have learned so much together from this site and are excited to do this on our own. The aviary of the month will be a valuable resource to us in the months to come. Your pictures are ALIVE with colors. The information is easy to grasp and to follow. Thank you so much!"
S. Davenport

"THEYíRE GORGEOUS!!! I have received other birds in the mail and they took a day to recoup. Yours arrived alert and healthy looking. Within 15 minutes they were drinking and eating millet. I am very pleased and happy. I LOVE THESE BIRDS!!! Thanks again for your support and help when I needed it and Iím sure youíll be there when I need you again. A very satisfied customer"
D. Abu-Elmagd, Pgh. Pa

"Before ordering my Gouldian pair, I did a lot of research and visited pet shops and breeders close to home. It was your fast response to my e-mail and the detailed care instructions that convinced me to purchase my pair through your internet site. I couldnít be more pleased. The birds are breathtaking. The Overnight mail shipment came in before noon. The box they arrived in had a comfortable perch, neat water supply and plenty of seed. In just ten minutes after placing the birds in their cage, they were alert and flying from perch to perch discovering their food and water dish. I would definitely buy from you again. Thanks for all the help in creating a healthy happy environment for my birds"
Br. A. Palmieri, Miami,Fl.

"I purchased a pair of Gouldians from you last August. I wanted you to know the birds nested immediately and that they have been tremendous parents. In fact, they are better parents than the society finches I have. They are a joy and beautiful. Thanks for the care you take!"
R. Julian, Rochester, NY

"Yeah!!!! They arrived in excellent condition and are extremely alert and BEAUTIFUL! I am totally thrilled to death with them. Thank you so much. I am extremely proud to have them as part of my flock! I can't believe their brilliant colors. They are so bright, absolutely gorgeous"
G. Fisse, Sarasota,Fl.

"I have to say, I wasnít expecting the bird to be THAT BEAUTIFUL. My first impression was that it must be a male because of the vivid colors. I hadnít expected a scarlet head. She makes me think of an easter egg"
E. Flora, Sarasota, Fl.

" have an impressive site! I am a dutch breeder and learned some nice things about the Gouldian finch from your site. Keep up the great work"
M. Versteeg, Holland

"This is the best site I have seen, you are terrific. We very much appreciate your hard work"
P. Jordan Wilmington, NC

"What a Wonderful Site. Congratulations on your efforts to breed this wonderful bird. Keep up the good work"
P. Allen, Mooloolaba, Australia

"..this is one of the best sites for Gouldian Finch breeders on the net. I am sure I will be using this site a lot from now on"
M. Mc Inerney, Limerick, Ireland

"..before I bought my first Goulds I studied your page exactly to know as much as possible about these birds and until now I breed 25 Goulds within 2 years without one loosing"
A. Bader, Germany

"...Awesome Site!!! All of your site is phenomenal!"
B.Thompson, Peoria, IL

"Itís great to see that our Gouldian Finch is being carefully and properly bred outside our country- it is really pleasing to see!"
M. OíBrien, Australia

"Most helpful site I have seen. Your #1 Killer section helped me recognize the disease immediately and treat my whole collection successfully. I also purchased several birds from you recently and they are all of exceptional quality."
C .Scott, Flordia

"I have to admit that I was very nervous about getting the birds through the mail, but they were not traumatized by their journey at all! Not a feather was out of place. Within 30 seconds of being placed in their cage, they both ate and drank. They are gorgeous birds! Much nicer than I have seen locally. Thank you so much, Laraine."
M.Smith, Aurora,IL

"I am fairly new to raising gouldians and was looking for a new bloodline. Not only did I find a ton of good information on this web site, but the quality of the birds I received were beyond my expectations!! They arrived healthy and in great shape. I will order more birds from Laraine in the future."
W.Vorwerk, Columbus,OH

"My birds arrived today. Itís only been a couple of hours and they seem right at home. I am glad I found you and your web page and glad I will be starting my Gouldian adventure with such fine young birds. The whole internet experience of e-mailing and ordering your birds was fun! Thanks"
J.Vidakovic, Sarasota,FL

"The Eagle, er ah Finches have landed!!! They arrived at 11:05a.m., and appear to be bright and alert. That round cut out was a clever and perfect way to transition them without handling to the cage. They are absolutely magnificent birds, and I am so pleased to have found you. Quality shows... in people as well as your lovely Gouldians. Thank you very much."

"I just received my 5th Shipment of birds in the mail, another batch of very healthy birds. The male Gould is calling the female already. The quality of birds you produce is like no other. I can only hope with the helpful tips on this web site I can do the same in my aviary. Thank you again for the beautiful birds."
D.Duncan, Bermuda Dunes,CA

"How does one say thank you to people who came through for me in my birdís time of needs?? Right now I would be looking into empty cages. Yet, because of you, I am looking into nest boxes filled with eggs and chicks!!! Words canít describe the gratitude I feel towards you. Thank you for a wonderful informative web site and for your hearts of gold. When I had a problem with air sac mites and put out a cry for help, you came through for me. I am deeply in your debt. Thanks You, Thank You, God Bless."
L.Seda, Miami FL.

"I wanted to commend you on the packaging ingenuity of the shipping box. It took the gouldians a little time to consider coming out but all was well in the end. The birds are gorgeous even my husband made a comment about them. The owl finches are quite talkative and their beeping is really neat. Your gouldians are beautiful. Thanks for raising these little gems, I'm glad I got them."
R. Julian, Rochester, NY

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you. We were quite impressed when we saw your operation. You have a wonderful setup! The Yellow pair that I purchased are doing great! I was also impressed at how you were able to exactly match up a hen for my juvenile white breasted cock. She is doing fine too. As you know I called and asked for your assistance when he was not feeling well. Your advise was right on the money. He recuperated in just two days and is doing fine. I just wanted to let everyone know that your finch stock and growing conditions are excellent! I will be back for the pair of Blue Gouldians Finches in the Fall!"
J.Casey, NFSS,Ca.

"In this day and age it is nice to know there are still companies who feel that the customer is an integral part of their success. Thank you for asking what we wanted you to feature next. Please pass along my thanks to everyone."

"Best Site I seen on Gouldians. It is a pleasure to read all your Experiences and your tips."
P.Holly, Brisbane, Old Australia

"It was a distinct pleasure to peruse through your sight. A wealth of information and I especially enjoyed the "remedies" area. My compliments! Not often do you find this willingness to share such insight. May your flocks be always healthy."
S.Simmons, Bellingham,WA

"I wanted you to know that I appreciated the time you took checking to see if you had any male birds that were ready to sell. Most of all I appreciate the fact that I know that I can trust you to be honest with me. Even though I was disappointed you didnít have a quality bird to sell to me, I was so thankful that you wouldnít sell me just any bird but you were interested in selling me quality. While in your area last weekend we took the time to look at three different Gouldians and it made me appreciate you so much more. It is very hard for me to buy from anyone else, and since I have started buying birds from you, I havenít bought from anyone else. Thank you for being a lady of Integrity! Until next time."
M. Barsaleau, Ca.

"I called you after reading about your birds and having an emergency (or so I thought it was Mites.) You really seem to care about birds and helped me by all the information you gave me. Thanks to you and your "Scatt" my bird (canary) is healthier than ever and singing again-no more wheezing, Iím using your apple cider vinegar and other methods you suggested. You really took the time to explain things to me to help me with the worries I had on his wheezing. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with you and how Iíve been treated!! Thank you- and Iím recommending you to anyone who has birds on "the Net" .Thanks a million. I think you saved my bird!!!"

"Thanks for the wonderful site. No one in this area could tell me why my gouldians were balding. I look forward to seeing the feathers sprout again."
R.Barcos, ElkGrove,CA

"I think your website is fantastic! Itís easy to navigate, colorful, informative and has beautiful photos. Iíve found that there just arenít many quality websites that offer good graphics AND good content. Yours manages to do both quite successfully!"
J. Minneapolis, MN

"This is the best and most integrated gouldian sight I have seen in the internet service. I wish you will continue to offer this kind of organized service to your lovers. Thank you for everything."
A. Abdel Atty ,Cairo, Egyept

"Beautiful site, Beautiful photos. This is the best site for goulds on the net. Thanks for that."
M. Liverpool,NY

"You have such a great site and very well organized too. Frankly, this is the best bird-related site Iíve been to so far."

"Your research and information about this beautiful little finch is as accurate as I can find on the net. Thank you for so much help on raising and caring for this little favorite bird of mine. Keep up the good work"
M. Holder, Maud,TX


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