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Room with a View

The Aviary offers a 360-degree
Unobstructed View, Contains
the Mess AND is Easy to Clean!
About a year ago, we had a custom aviary made from Birds in Glass Houses for our Gouldian finches. To give them as much Flight room as possible, we opted for a 5-foot wide aviary that included a Vita Lite in addition to the natural light they receive through the window behind it.

The aviary is enclosed in thick 1/4" tempered safety glass with ventilation obtained from the open grid top, 1/4" in each corner and 1/4" space around both side doors. They get room-temperature air flowing through without the drafts.

We had the wooden portion of the aviary stained to match our kitchen cabinets, and it makes a beautiful addition to our furniture in our home (not to mention the great extra storage underneath). The entire aviary is on casters so we can move it and is so much easier to maintain than our previous cage with bars.

We cover the bottom of the aviary with coated butcher paper and place a layer of aspen bedding on top of that. This works great to absorb their droppings, hides the mess, and keeps everything fresh-smelling. There are doors on both ends that allow easy access, and our Gouldians go to the other side when we clean. The silk plants inside can be easily removed to clean outside the aviary or replaced as needed.

Since the birds did not have enough room to "get up to full speed" velocity-wise, none of them were in danger of hurting themselves flying into the glass. As a matter of fact, they adapted very quickly to their new environment and were happily perching on the swings and special silk tree we had made for the inside of the aviary.

We finally found the answer to the problem of the mess and at the same time found an aviary that was worthy of the Gouldian's beauty. We are so proud of our aviary and our very special feathered friends.

D. Smith, Plano, TX

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