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Jo's Aviary

aviary of the month

There are numerous advantages to keeping birds in an indoor or outdoor aviary. Birds are healthier and will breed better when they are housed in an aviary. If the aviary can be outside in the sunlight with the wind and rain, that is even better. This is their natural habitat, even if it is only for the warmer months of the year. Care and maintenance time are reduced dramatically.

Show us your aviary!
One of the great joys of raising your birds in an aviary is sharing it with other breeders! On the Aviary of the Month you can showcase photos of your own aviary.

Accommodation requirements for your choice of birds can be as decorative and as diverse as your imagination allows, as well as being functional, convenient, user friendly and above all, pleasurable for you. Wed love to feature your unique, indoor or outdoor Aviary to share with your fellow bird keepers. If you have great photos (with a description) to share,

send them to:

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